Environmental evaluation of
energy-using products

Eco-innovation and LCA

Improve products and processes

EuPmanager is a support tool for eco-innovation specifically designed for energy-using products (EuP). It helps to identify the most important characteristics of your product in order to improve your environmental profile by employing best available techniques (e.g. improved efficiency, etc.).

EuPmanager features

Experience and performance

EuPmanager is a simplified LCA tool based on MEEuP methodology (developed by VHK for the European Commission). This methodology is used in all studies prepared by the European Commission under the EuP/ErP directive (Directive 2009/125/CE).

Its environmental impact database quantifies 14+2 categories of environmental impacts for 159 materials/processes in the EuP sector. This tool is designed to be used by technical personnel, but they do not need to be environmental experts to input data and interpret the results.

Additional information

We are committed to improving the environment through improving products

These improvements can not only help to reduce costs but also to increase sales by improving your corporate image as a result of your active involvement in environmental issues.

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