The Eco-innovation department offers advanced consultancy services for assessing and improving environmentally and technologically your products, processes and services. We support you in improving your organization's environmental management & efficiency.

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Life cycle assessment studies (LCA)

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Featured news

23 de Setembre SA absorbs Simpple SLU

23 DE SETEMBRE SA has been subrogated in each and every one of the current contracts signed by SIMPPLE SLU. Notice Simpple

By maintaining the technical team, we are confident that this change will allow us to continue to operate as efficiently as possible, and that our relationship will not be affected by it.

Projecte HCE + PM

Este proyecto ha sido cofinanciado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER), dentro del Programa Operativo de Crecimiento Inteligente 2014-2020, con el objetivo de potenciar la investigación, el desarollo tecnológico y la innovación. SIMPPLE, S.L. HICO: “Higiacompass



Last 30th of September took place the kick-off meeting of the LIFE+ BOHEALTH Project at Fundació Hospital Sant Pau i Santa Tecla facilities where representatives from the three partners attended: Fundació Hospital Sant Pau i Santa Tecla, SIMPPLE and LEITAT Technological Center.


bookDAPer tool available

In the framework of the European LIFE+ project  GREENING BOOKS, it has been developed the bookDAPer application. A web tool that allows generating the bDAP ecolabel of print format publications.


LCAmanager adapted to Ecoinvent 3.0

LCAmanager, a Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14040/44) tool for industrial products and processes, has been updated and now is fully compatible with the database Ecoinvent 3.0.lcam

“LCA to go” project

The LCA to go” Project develops sectoral methods and web tools for: bio-based plastics, industrial machines, electronics, renewable energy, sensors and smart textiles. The purpose of the project is boosting Life Cycle Assessment use in European SMEs.lcatogo4_tech

Productes d'ecoinnovació


Practical environmental assessment tool based in the Life Cycle Assessment methodology (ISO14040/44) for industrial products and processes.

It is fully compatible with the Ecoinvent 3.0 database and it can be customized for different industrial sectors.


LiMaS Tools

In the framework of the European project LiMaS (CIP-EIP-Eco-innovation), two free software tools have been developed for environmentally assessing and improving Energy-using Products – EuP:

1) EuPeco-profiler and 2) LiMas WebSuite.



Tool that allows generating the bDAP ecolabel (simplified Environmental Product Declaration – EPD) of print format publications (books and magazines).

Developed under the European project Greening Books (LIFE+2010).